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Cabrini Health Midwifery Scholarship

Published on: 02 November 2020

Earlier this year, Simba donated $5000 to Cabrini HEALTH to create the Simba Global Midwifery Scholarship, awarded under their Cabrini Nursing and Midwifery Society.

Simba Global Midwifery Scholarship Recipients

$4000 was used to sponsor a trip to remote villages in Myanmar for Cabrini midwife, Lynne Stewart. Here, she was able to do incredible work teaching lifesaving midwifery skills to local healthcare workers. This included teaching birthing and resuscitation skills, the use of the misoprostol drug to treat postpartum haemorrhage, as well as distributing supplies to mothers and children.

The other $1000 was used to send Cabrini midwife, Jennifer Lomdahl, for an internationally recognised course in lactation, covering areas such as nutritional information and diagnosis of issues. She can now share this valuable knowledge with both new mothers and other midwives at Cabrini.

A huge congratulations to the scholarship recipients for the amazing work they have done — we were so happy to hear about your wonderful experiences! And thank you so much to the all the midwives and the whole Cabrini team for the incredible work they do in our society.