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Chairman Shaves for Charity

Published on: 14 October 2020

When the chairman gets behind a great cause… We are proud that we’ve been able to once again raise $2000 for another cause.

Hiten Somaia, Simba Global Chairman before and after

Due to lockdown, Hiten was getting tired of his long hair but had no way to cut it. With salons closed and his family too scared to cut it for him, he mentioned to his teammates that he was going to shave off his hair by himself. With nobody believing that he would actually go through with it, they made a bet for him to do it. To their surprise — they lost!

The money raised went towards non-profit organisation, Disha - The Direction to Hope. This amazing organisation makes bags of comfort food for Victorian frontline workers during the pandemic. They had packed and donated over 845 bags to doctors, nurses, clinicians, pathologists and police officers as of this donation in May.

Thank you so much to Disha for this incredible work, as well as to all our frontline workers who are working tirelessly for our community. And thank you to Hiten for showing that you can make a difference just through a haircut and disbelieving coworkers. Check out the before and after photos of Hiten above — he is now the office expert on quarantine hair cuts!