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Product Innovation

All our innovation starts with our Customer in mind: How can we provide more value? For our products, this means how can they perform better and last longer.

One of the greatest rewards we receive as a company is the opportunity to solve a customer's problem. Only by listening, seeing and understanding, can we identify what the problem is, and begin working on solutions. These could be a re-engineering of construction, or a completely new fit for purpose design product. No matter the problem though, we back our team of product and subject matter experts to always come up with a solution.

The construction of our range of commercial linen and apparel is constantly being tested and refined. There is no doubt that our products today have been defined by over 40 years of vital customer insights.


Commercial towel technology, engineered to last longer.

The durable commercial towel technology that is engineered to perform better for longer while never sacrificing comfort.

Lasts up to 25% longer than standard commercial towels.

Independently tested, PolyCore Yarn Technology enhances commercial towels to offer more washes and a better financial return than regular commercial grade towels.

Stronger than regular commercial grade towels.

PolyCore Yarn Technology uses a unique ground yarn with an optimised core to provide a significant increase in strength of the towel.

Quicker drying.

PolyCore Yarn Technology provides commercial towels with a unique textile blend that cuts drying time by an average of 8%. Getting the towel back in the game quicker for guests or residents.

Independently Tested*

Commercial Wash-Wear Comparison

Classic Cotton Towel

New Towel

After 60 Washes

Classic Cotton Towel

New Towel

After 60 Washes

*Statistics and results are quoted in N/50mm and have been taken from Independent AWTA tensile strength tests AS 2001.2.3.1-2001

Learn more about what makes a great commerical towel:

Introducing Fibresmart Bedding, the Smarter Solution for Accommodation and Care facilities.

Customer Comfort and Hygiene Performance.

Fibresmart range of products deliver the perfect solution for places of accommodation searching for better performing commercial textiles. This range of revolutionary linen also provides leading Eco-friendly advantages over regular linen, offering your business a reduced carbon footprint, increase in energy efficiency and a reduction in operating costs and resources.

Choose Fibresmart.

Introducing Fibresmart Bedding, the Smarter Solution for Accommodation and Care facilities.

Better heat entrapment than traditional cell blankets.

Being made from inorganic fibres results in a dramatic reduction in the growth of bacteria as well as the elimination of odours.

50% less static build up than traditional cell blankets and sheets.

Improved flame retardancy over traditional cotton cell blankets and sheets.

Simba Edge is engineered to preserve a softer handle and better drape even at higher iron temperatures.

In collaboration with leading experts, Oxford Technologies Simba has developed Simba Edge, an enhanced commercial sheet construction that excels in the laundry environment.

Simba Edge is sheeting technology, engineered to perform for commercial laundries.

Introducing Simba Edge, the enhanced commercial sheet that excels in the commercial laundry environment.

Simba has a long history of engineering new product innovations to help solve our customers textile problems. Today commercial laundries are seeking gains in efficiency, greater push through for their sheets and ultimately faster laundering speeds. This need for speed has resulted in issues with conventionally constructed cotton sheets showing signs of excessive creasing, shrinkage and a dry uncomfortable handle.

Engaged to help solve this textile problem, Simba collaborated with leading experts Oxford Technologies to develop Simba Edge, an enhanced commercial sheet construction that excels in the laundry environment.

Simba Edge has been engineered to control sheet shrinkage, leave minimal creasing and to preserve a softer handle and better drape, even at higher iron temperatures and when laundered with strong chemical bleaching.

So, if you run a laundry that has the ’need for speed’ choose Simba Commercial Sheets with Simba Edge, the innovative sheet technology. Contact Simba today to discuss how Simba Edge to add value to your commercial laundry.

Hiten Somaia
The world has never changed faster than today. And yet, it will never change this slowly again. Innovation is the only way we keep up.”

Hiten Somaia - Executive Chair