Printed Towels

You can easily customise your towel with a print process and towel to suit every budget and purpose.

Customised Printed Towels offer so many different options for a huge variety of companies. We can tailor each towel or textile product to suit the budget and purpose of the promotion with special sizes, weights and packaging. We also offer custom shapes and sizes of towels. Contact us if you are interested in round or square customised towels.

Fibre Printed Velour.

The detail and colour density that can be achieved with edge to edge fibre reactive printing provides a great quality product, giving you a towel that will suit many promotional budgets.

Construction: 100% cotton velour 350gm2
• Colours can be PMS matched
• Photographic print
• Special packaging available

Colour Plus Cotton/Microfibre.

See the colour! Feel the softness! Note the low minimum! Welcome to our Colour Plus towels which are microfibre and cotton to allow for a full colour sublimated print on the front of the towel.

CP113 Colour Plus Beach Towel — 75 x 150cm
CP144 Colour Plus Sports Towel — 40 x 100cm
CP146 Colour Plus Hand Towel — 40 x 60cm

Digital Print.

Photographic images or logos can be printed on a beach towel with a very low minimum and a quick turnaround.

Construction: 100% cotton velour — 380gm2
• Photographic digital print DG113 Digitally Printed Beach Towel — 75 x 150cm

Screen Print.

  • Tone on Tone
    Tone on Tone printing produces a subtle print finish that is a few shades lighter than the base towel colour. It can be applied in one tone in any design or printed logo onto the product. Our Tone on Tone print technique can be applied to most towels, but is most effective on our veloured products.
  • Black Print
    Black screen print creates a bold and lasting impression. Our black ink creates a solid single colour print and can be applied to almost any towel colour.
  • Ivory Touch Print
    Ivory Touch printing uses a special discharge ink to place an Ivory coloured print onto the fabric creating a dramatic effect on coloured towels. Give us a call to ensure that Ivory Touch will print onto your desired base towel colour.
  • PMS Coloured Print
    PMS coloured screen printing has the widest range of applications and creates a bold statement. We can print a multiple colour design or logo with several screens, each colour being individually matched to PMS Pantone. We can print onto white base or coloured fabrics. Print 1, 2, 3, or 4 spot colours.
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  1. SG144 Signature Sports towel printed
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