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Somaia Group merge companies into one voice: welcome to Simba Global

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We are Simba Global, welcome to our vision
May 23, 2016




In over 30 years being in business, I cannot recall a more exciting time.

Globally we are in a time of true innovation, creation, and abundance.Every day I am having a conversation about future thinking, new technology, and new innovations that are bringing a greater connectivity and change to our lives. With this change in mind, I am so excited to announce a major change for our company: the merging of the collective Somaia Group companies into a singular brand and vision: Simba Global.

Make no mistake, this is not just a name change. This is a multi-million dollar investment into a unified and bold voice in the global textile space. We will be unveiling as part of the Simba Global release, our new 220,000 SQ FT Operations, and Distribution facility, our new factory outlet, and our 2025 Vision Room; a beautifully finished and fully realised window into tomorrow, which allows our customers to see, touch and experience the future of textiles. Our Vision Room is also fully customisable to allow our clients to present their brand and products in this wonderful and unique space.

Our Simba Global brand is anchored throughout our business, from each division and vertical, through the customer service centric mantra of ‘Ask Simba.’ Ask Simba is our global call to our existing and future clients, that we are here to help, and as the leading solution provider in linen, we have the deep substantial knowledge and innovative thinking to help your business.

So, thank you for joining us for the start of our new journey from the Somaia Group to Simba Global.

We have so much more exciting news to share with you, so visit us again on our journey.