The Simba Global story of global passion started over 4 decades ago from some very humble roots. Our founder Anil Somaia was an immigrant looking to make a better life for his young family. That dream would start a new life in Australia. From his earliest days selling linen from the back of his car to laundries in inner Melbourne, Anil knew the power of exceptional customer service and the power of delivering to a promise.

  • 1974

    Somaia Family arrives in Australia

  • 1977

    Anil Somaia commences trading

  • 1981

    Anil Somaia largest textile importer from India into Australia

  • 1982

    Somaia success continues

  • 1985

    Anil Somaia starts manufacturing textiles

  • 1991

    Kamal Somaia enters family business

  • 1993

    Lina Ashar starts Kangaroo Kids

  • 1995

    Three Siblings: A partnership is born

  • 2001

    Simba USA / World's first textile mass customisation

  • 2014

    Simba acquire Commercial Textiles

  • 2015

    Somaia Group Re-Brand to Simba Global

  • 2015

    Simba Global acquire Killarney Linen

  • 2016

    Simba Global acquire Tytex NZ

  • 2016

    Simba Global acquire Texco NZ

  • 2017

    Simba Global amalgamates NZ businesses (Tytex and Texco) into one company Simba New Zeland

  • 2018

    Simba Global acquire Esquire Marketing Services Pte Ltd in Singapore