Simba partners with APR Plastics to reduce environmental impact.

June 18 2024

Simba trials new recycling program with APR plastics, the home of advanced recycling solutions.

In December 2023, Simba partnered with APR Plastics to trial a new soft plastic recycling program as part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our waste going to landfill.

APR Plastics take the clear (colourless) LDPE films such as pallet wrap, shrink wrap and bubble wrap used within our operations, and using their Biofabric WASTX Technology turn it into recycled plastic resin which goes to make innovative new film grade products.

“Our business model is simple because we don't want to complicate our aim which is to divert (soft) plastic film from landfill by collecting and recycling the materials into valued applications.” Clive Townsend- Recycling Executive ARP Plastics.

To date Simba have been able to divert over 1 tonne of soft plastics from within our direct operations going to landfill.

“For Simba, this trial was a great opportunity to collaborate with and learn from industry experts to find a solution to our direct operations waste. The total amount of soft plastics we have been able to divert from landfill has been a great start and shows we are moving in the right direction, but we are analysing every area of our operations to ensure that we are doing our bit to contribute to a circular economy.” Duane O’Mahony- Head of Operations AU/NZ

Through Simba Conscious we will continue to examine every stage of our product life cycle to see where we can do better, collaborating with industry experts in pursuit of an ethical and sustainable future.

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