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The Best Value
Commercial Linen

We are Simba. Our promise is simple. To deliver you the best value commercial linen, supported by excellent customer service.

We are here to serve you.

As a values driven company, we are obsessed with customer care and resolving our customer’s problems. These values shape our behaviour and actions and have contributed to Simba becoming the largest and most trusted linen supplier in the Southern Hemisphere.

When choosing us to supply your commercial linen you can be confident you are supported not only by a proven supply chain and global buying power but also a local team whose deeply held customer-centric values have built the foundation of our business over the last 40 years. We are proud to serve you and provide you with the best value commercial linen.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

‘We never make our problem our customer's problem.

Serving across industries.

From hotels and resorts, to facility management, to health and aged care, our long history of supplying textiles has given us the unique opportunity to partner with Australasia’s largest and most recognised groups. We are committed to ensuring every single order we receive gets the attention and customer care it deserves.

We partner with the best in Commercial Industries.

We deliver the best value commercial linen, supported by excellent customer service.

Constant Product Innovation.

We look to future technology and innovation to help transform your business. The world has never changed faster than today — and yet, it will never change this slowly again. Our constant motivation is to be searching for the next advancement and to be forward-thinking in our approach to evolve not just Simba, but our customers and suppliers.

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“As a team, our desire is to make our customers great. We listen.”

Mehul Somaia - GM Commercial Sales