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Our Story

Simba Global is all about family. As our family grows we continue to dare to dream. Welcome to our story.

Welcome to the Simba Global story. How one man, a dream and a salon towel started it all.

The Simba Global story started over 4 decades ago from some very humble roots. Our founder Anil Somaia, an immigrant looking to make a better life for his young family would follow a promise of a new life to Australia.

From his earliest days selling salon towels from the back of his car to laundries in inner Melbourne, Anil believed in the power of exceptional service and always delivering to a customer promise. Today the thread of these values are woven throughout our entire global operation.


A Journey Begins

Anil Somaia migrates his family to Australia from India.


A Humble Beginning

Anil starts his textile business selling salon towels from the boot of his car.


Initial Success

Anil’s business wins a large amount of Government quota for textiles. Simba textiles is born.


Changes Happening

Simba textiles moves into manufacturing within Australia. The eldest son, Hiten Somaia joins the business to head up the manufacturing business. The youngest son, Kamal begins his journey as a professional cricketer.


Kamal joins Simba

With the business growing, Kamal retires from cricket and joins Simba to build the Retail business.


Lina starts KKEL

Youngest sibling, Lina Somaia starts Kangaroo Kids in India. Kangaroo Kids is the most trusted education brand in India.


A Retail force

Simba under its Retail umbrella Domtex becomes a major force in Australian Retail textiles.


Simba USA is born

Hiten shares a vivid dream with his brother Kamal that envisions a bold new innovation play. The blueprint towards mass customisation and a journey to Kentucky USA starts Simba on a path of textile innovation.


Learnings for a Smarter Future

While at the time, the cost of establishing Simba USA would place a heavy burden on the family and its bottom line, the Simba USA ventures continue to thrive today, and provide key relationships with major USA players. It would also inform Simba on technology implementation down the track.



Simba re-establishes itself in the Australian commercial textile market.


Simba records amazing growth

During a period of great growth, Simba builds in size and supply scope, acquiring 5 companies and expanding into the New Zealand and Singapore markets. In 2015, the Somaia Group of companies re-brand as Simba Global.


From textile to tech

Simba would see an opportunity to offer its existing commercial linen customers with a turnkey RFID solution that combines all elements of the RFID package (chipped linen, hardware and software). Simba SmartLinen commences installations across Australia and New Zealand.

As our family continues to grow, with hundreds of new and long-serving teammates throughout our global supply chain which now operates in 7 countries and 10 locations, we will always be guided by the lessons passed on from a quiet, humble man; to put family first, invest in innovation and never make your problem your customers problem.

Textile to Tech.
Listen to Kamal Somaia tell the Simba Global story.