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Simba Lab

We are committed to solving tomorrow’s textile problems today through innovative technologies.

We take every opportunity with our suppliers and customers to question things that could be done better. This approach with our commercial and retail products as well as working with laundries, has led to great discussions resulting in even better outcomes.

Our curiosity focusses on how we can make our products feel better, look better and perform better. We have these discussions openly with our suppliers, customers and even other service providers in the industry. For innovation to be effective and benefit everyone, we need input from all parties.

Welcome to the innovation playground.

Simba Lab sits at the heart of our innovation, a dedicated textile testing laboratory where we can play with all of our ideas, no matter how crazy. Simba Lab is run by the Quality Manager, David Tester, a textile expert with 35 plus years’ experience in textile research, development and manufacturing. These skills and experience are bought to bear on everything that happens in Simba lab.

Simba Lab is already working with our suppliers and customers on some of the biggest problems in commercial and retail textiles and laundries. This is when the innovative ideas and projects become a reality.

We are exploring textile DNA to make products that perform better for you.

Feel better.

There are many aspects of textiles that makes them feel different. We are always thinking of ways to make our products feel better. Whether it is changing yarns in our towels or the construction of our sheets we strive to have the best balance between a great feel and the best performance. We also want our products to continue to feel great in use. For this Simba Lab has projects in the area of laundering and drying.

This work will be done in conjunction with our customers and research providers to give the best chance of success. Great solutions require collaboration across industry and research.

Look better.

At Simba Lab we work hard to make sure the colour of our products are accurate to the order, that colour is fast to washing or chlorine and that colour continually is good. We are well equipped to monitor this and work with our suppliers on improvement programs to make our products look better throughout their life.

There is an important balance between whiteness and performance. While towels and sheets must meet the agreed whiteness, we know that each extra degree of whiteness comes at the cost of a shorter life. Simba Lab uses a spectrophotometer to measure colour and whiteness and communicate with our suppliers in absolute terms with no ambiguity. Simba Lab is working with its partners and suppliers to develop new ways to weave and finish the fabrics that make our sheets and towels. These changes will make sure that Simba sheets come out of the ironer looking smooth and crisp, while Simba towels come from the folder looking soft and fluffy.

Perform better.

For both retail and commercial products performance is paramount. Simba lab not only includes all the facilities and resources in the Melbourne HQ, but also includes the combined resources of all the local and international laboratories, suppliers and organisations that work with Simba. This means Simba Lab has the ability to measure almost all aspects of performance. Simba Lab is currently working on measuring the performance of our sheets and towels in ways that are not covered by current tests and standards.

In between the innovation and the projects, Simba Lab is a free resource for all our customers, no matter what they want to do. We offer free testing to compare products, establish specifications or check if products meet specifications. We have the instruments, connections and the expertise to help.

Making our linen last longer with Simba Lab.

Moving to make less.

To move the dial and reduce our material use we are pioneering technologies and working with our customers to reduce the amount of linen they need. Through Simba Lab we are working tirelessly to make our linen last longer through better design.


Longer Lifespan*

Independently tested, PolyCore Yarn Technology enhances commercial towels to offer more washes and last longer than regular commercial grade towels. It uses a unique ground yarn with an optimised core to provide a significant increase in strength of the towel.


Less Linen Needed*

RFID is linen that talks, and when you listen, it will tell you when you have enough linen. It will tell you where you are losing linen and it will tell you the things you are doing that damages the linen and reduces its life. Our use cases show that when you act on what you have heard, the pool of linen you need to service the same number of beds reduces by 20%, and the individual life of each linen increases by 15%.


Increased Linen Life*

The new binder developed by Simba and Oxford Technologies to improve the washing and ironing performance of our sheets, also provides greater protection for cotton fibres from the aggressive oxidising chemicals used in washing and the high temperatures used in ironing.

This improvement has also delivered significant environmental benefits. The improvement in ironing performance saves the energy and water used in washing and ironing, because sheets do not need to be rewashed and re-ironed to remove creases. The improved resistance to the treatment conditions in laundries means that the sheet will remain in use for longer, thus reducing the resource requirements to make new sheets and reducing the amount of old sheets being disposed of.


Longer Lifespan*

Independent testing shows that cotton with 0% humidity is 20% weaker than cotton with 8% humidity. We continue to educate our customers on how to measure and calibrate their dryers correctly in order to increase the lifespan of our products.

*Calculations are estimates based on lifecycle modelling
I love the challenge of finding a solution. And I don’t stop until I do.”

David Tester - GM Quality