Simba & Brightspace: innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

11 June 2024

Using cutting-edge tech, machine vision sensors, and intelligent controls, Simba is partnering with Brightspace to revolutionise our energy management practices.

In collaboration with Brightspace, a leader in sustainable building solutions, we use cutting-edge technology, machine vision sensors and intelligent controls to optimise HVAC and outdoor airflow at our Bayswater Head Office.

Utilising occupant tracking and environmental monitors, Brightspace provides precise service delivery, eliminating energy waste and delivering an advanced energy monitoring platform to track energy consumption to a granular level. Through this system, we are identifying inefficiencies and allowing for informed decision-making on energy efficiency improvements and proactive maintenance.

With Edge AI capability, the Brightspace ecosystem is autonomous, using real-time data to optimise efficiency while reducing our carbon footprint intelligently. In our recent sample pilot, we saw:

  • 28% energy reduction when compared to best practice CO₂ based control
  • 39% less energy consumption compared to schedule-based control
  • 86% reduction in excess ventilation per day when compared with schedule-based control

Simba Global is committed to achieve carbon neutrality in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030, with a focus on energy efficiency.

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