Partnering for Impact

Areas of focus

We will empower others to work with us in pursuit of an ethical and sustainable future. We work to contribute to a better world for every person, every relationship and every community.

Influence Through our Sustainability Journey

At least 80% buy-in of our Simba Conscious program with our contracted customers.
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Simba Conscious Charter

Develop and implement the Simba Conscious Charter which outlines the commitment to sustainability.

Customer Engagement

Engage customers through the Charter, conversations and case studies to drive better sustainability outcomes.

Customer Alignment

Work with customers to support, meet and exceed customer sustainability outcomes.

Collaborate for Innovative Solutions

At least 25% reduction in the carbon footprint of our sold products or by project.
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Product Rating

Investigate product certifications or develop an internal sustainability rating assessment tool to drive improvements of the sustainability outcomes of our products.

Customer Collaborations

Engage with customers to design and develop product solutions that meet our customer’s sustainability goals and ambitions.

Industry Research and Development

Partner with industry and research institutions to test and pilot sustainable solutions.

Drive Action on Climate

Achieve and maintain carbon neutrality of our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
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Low Carbon Transition

Undertake scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions profile and develop low carbon transition plan which includes all 3 scopes.

Responsible Sourcing

Implement responsible sourcing practices for goods and services purchased to operate the business. This includes sourcing local, indigenous, environmentally certified products and services.

Best Practice

Keep abreast of sustainability best practice, standards, and knowledge through personal development, technical expertise and networking. Investigate BCorp certification for Simba Global.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

At Simba, we have developed our Simba Conscious framework and action plan with the UN SDG’s in mind. As we implement this plan, we are proud to be contributing to this global framework for impact.

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