Simba Global leading the charge in reducing the shedding of microplastics during textile laundering.

17 November 2023

In an Australian first, Simba Global proudly announces a collaboration with Deakin University Researchers to address a critical global issue - the spread of harmful microplastics due to textile laundering.

As the major linen supplier to Australia’s commercial market, which results in 950,000 tonnes of textile products going through the commercial laundering process each year, we have chosen to step up and take a leadership role, by committing significant resources to this research.

By 2030, Simba has committed to reducing microplastic shedding from all Simba products by 50%. We will work closely with our suppliers, partners, and customers to end microplastic pollution from textiles.

Our partnership with the ARC Research Hub for Future Fibres in Deakin’s Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) is the first step to understand better the extent and type of microplastics shed when textile products are laundered, putting Simba at the forefront of becoming a leading authority in this space.

Over the next 5 years we will learn, we will educate, and most importantly we will innovate to reduce the amount of microplastic released into the environment during laundering and manufacturing. What we are most excited about is sharing the results of this research with all other textile markets in Australia – including clothing – and putting an end to microplastic pollution from textiles.

At Simba, we promise that in everything that we do, we will work to contribute to a better world – for every person, for every relationship and for every community. In all that we do, in every country we touch, we will be better tomorrow than we are today.


We are committed to Making Better, Together.

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