Simba Smartlinen RFID

Leading commercial laundries, hotels and resorts, mining facilities and hospitals understand that RFID is a lot more than software, hardware and chipped linen.

It should also include training, rigorous and robust change management and insightful data analysis.

RFID process diagram

Simba SmartLinen is a turnkey RFID ecosystem that can deliver on all fronts including:

  • Stock visibility with reliable data on how much stock a client has and where so they can predict the right amount of linen to hold or order
  • Real time hardware monitoring and failure notification alerts (24x7) via a remote connection that links to our client’s systems Best practice industry benchmarking ensuring optimal linen usage
  • Minimise lost linen by understanding where linen is being stolen, misplaced or destroyed unnecessarily
  • Automatic linen processing for reduced errors and manual labour requirements
  • 24/7 help desk service to quickly register and qualify incidents
  • Training and ongoing services for corrective maintenance and preventive support
  • Lower RFID chip prices through continuous improvements to processes and technology
  • Local support and expertise to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues

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