Simba family values

Simba family values

Our family values drive our behaviours and interactions with everyone who is a part of the Simba family – our team, clients, suppliers, and partners. They are our commitment to Simba and to each other.

We support

We Support

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At our core, we are a proud family business. We truly care about each other and we recognise that each and every person makes our family stronger just by being a part of it.

  • We lift each other up
  • We respect all opinions
  • We show empathy to others
  • We take pride in ourselves
  • We treat others as we want to be treated
  • We trust each other
  • We keep ourselves and our colleagues safe
We innovate

We innovate

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The world has never changed faster than today — and yet, it will never change this slowly again. We use our lessons from the past and focus on the future to evolve Simba, our clients, our suppliers and our team.

  • We reach for the stars
  • We are fearless
  • We embrace change
  • We share our ideas and we encourage others to as well
  • We never shy away from an opportunity
  • We push the boundaries
  • We seek new horizons
  • We are obsessively curious.
We deliver

We deliver

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The key is certainty — we deliver on our commitments and do so without question, without interruption, without doubt. We understand our clients need certainty and we provide just that — with a complete focus on client service and exceeding clients expectations.

  • We always go above and beyond
  • We don’t make our problems our clients problems
  • We don’t make promises we can’t keep
  • We own our mistakes and learn from them
  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We take pride in all that we do
  • We work with integrity, honesty, reliability and adaptability
We step up

We Step Up

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We actively find ways to challenge our thinking and transform our actions to achieve exceptional results.

  • We question the status quo with intention
  • We dare to dream
  • We speak up
  • We are accountable for our actions
  • We are team players
  • We demonstrate behaviours that inspire others
  • We own our culture
  • We demand excellence
  • We value every perspective
We listen

We listen

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By truly hearing others we can put their needs before ours and we believe that makes all of us better together.

  • We hear to understand
  • We collaborate without boundaries
  • We check in on each other
  • We value all voices
  • We consider other opinions

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